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Fishing Tackle and Angling on The Hampshire Avon at Ringwood

Avon up and colored!  Pic from the park opposite the shop shows high level.  Lots of water sat in the fields but if you know where to go the fishing is quite productive.  Chub do not like the colored water but the Barbel do!  Fish with stinky baits to provide a flavour /smell trail and they will find your baits!  Black squid boilies wrapped in paste are working well in the slacks and fish to 9lb 6oz  in the last couple of days.  Be prepared with waders to access the river and banksticks to hang your tackle on! 2oth Oct 2012

Yet again Avon up and coloured!  We had a shed load of rain on Wednesday 

night so not much change from last week!  However, the air temperatures have dropped this week with a touch of frost for this morning.  Reports of the Stour as in the fields and coloured, so it looks a bit tough for the weekend!  Sorry! 

2nd Nov 2012

Video below of Lifelands & Ringwood Fishery Sun 4th Nov 1pm